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  • FAQ

    1. Q: How to enhance Gear?

    a. Click on Gear in the main interface, then you can enter the Enhance interface. Spend Silver to enhance Gear.

    2. Q: How to gain Prestige?

    a. Participating in Arena battle can gain Prestige.

    3. Q: How to obtain Partner?

    a. Janken in the Tavern to exchange for Panties; use Panties to recruit Partner.

    4. Q: How to obtain Supreme Gear?

    a. Supreme Gear function is in the functional bar on top of the Main Interface

    5. Q: What items can be exchanged using Prestige?

    a. Prestige is mainly used to upgrade Rank; upgrading Rank each time can obtain Silver and Soul Pts as rewards.

    6. Q: How to create Guild?

    a. After player unlocks Guild functional through completing tasks, spend 100 Gold to create your own Guild.

    7. Q: How to obtain Partner Shards?

    a. Player obtain shards through recruiting Partner in the Tavern; owned Partners will be converted into Shards

    8. Q: Where can I check all Partner's intro?

    a. Player can check in the Tavern and Training system

    9. Q: How to obtain Partners and upgrade stats?

    a. From operation events, Novice Guide and Tavern

    10. Q: How to unlock the Date function in Eden?

    a. Use Silver, Red Hairpin and Love Guide to unlock.

    11. Q: How to obtain Relic?

    a. Challenge Giant Roots Tower to obtain Relic.

    12. Q: How does extra Relic convert into other position Relic of the same level?

    a. Use conversion function to convert in Relic function

    13. Q: How to obtain Purple and Orange Gear?

    a. Player can obtain Gear materials through the Date function in Eden; different quality Gear materials can forge different quality Gear.

    14. Q: How to increase BP rapidly to clear Instances?
    a. Enhance Gear, upgrade Partner or enhance Relic, etc.

    15. Q: How to upgrade Guild level rapidly?

    a. Guild members need to donate to Guild daily, more Contrib. means more Guild Fund.

    16. Q: What can be obtained from attacking World BOSS?

    a. In World BOSS, player can obtain lots of Silver according to the Damage Rankings.

    17. Q: What can be obtained from joining Monster Invasion?

    a. Player will obtain 1 Lv3 Gem for each one monster killed.

    18. Q: How to deploy Partners to deal the most damages when attacking World BOSS?

    a. Players can deploy the partners with high single damage, and abandon some healing and control Partners.

    19. How to increase BP rapidly?

    a. Recruit powerful Partner, obtain and upgrade high level Gear, Relic and Gem.

    20. How to obtain Silver rapidly?

    a. Player can purchase Silver in the Market.